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Draw – Designing Patterns: For Decoration, Fashion and Graphics

gestalten/ Lotta K√ľhlborn

Patterns are everywhere Рfrom fashion and home furnishings to magazines and kitchenware. Because more and more designers are working with patterns, this practical handbook offers expert advice on how to create timelessly elegant pattern designs.

In this¬†book, readers are shown how to use the most common techniques for creating¬†patterns and the best ways to combine colors and forms by Lotta K√ľhlhorn, one of Scandinavia‚Äôs¬†leading pattern¬†designers. With the help of numerous photographs and personal¬†anecdotes, she also explains how she works, what inspires her, and why edges¬†are just as important as middles.

From encompassing conceptual questions to intricate details, this book elucidates all of the facets involved in designing patterns. The included CD features templates for ten sample projects, which both beginners and professionals can use to experiment and get started on their own work.

35 Euro, 160 pages, full color, hardcover incl. CD-ROM

Tell us which pattern is your favourite and get the chance to win one of two copies of this great book. Please comment until 20th February 2014.

Lotta K√ľhlhorn‚ÄĒHome Swede Home from Gestalten on Vimeo.

TOCA ME design conference 2014 – Designed to Inspire

On February 22nd 2014 once again TOCA ME design conference will take place in Munich‚Äės Alte Kongresshalle with renown speakers from all over the world. And we join as a partner again. The goal of the event under the claim ‚ÄěDesigned to Inspire‚Äú is a critical evaluation of design as well as the connection of the Munich design and creative scene with the international design centers. This event will also marks the 10 years anniversary of TOCA ME!

Amongst the speakers of TOCA ME design conference are Brosmind, a highly awarded designer duo from Barcelona, and Gmunk, design director and motion graphics artist from San Francisco. Furthermore, Berlin based graphic designer  Eike König, designer and artist Brendan Dawes from Manchester and visual artists Hellicar & Lewis from London give insights into the processes and techniques of their creations.

Real exchange instead of virtual networking will take place in the lounge where the participants of the TOCA ME design conference have the opportunity to get to know each other, to exchange ideas and to finish the evening in a chill-out atmosphere with live DJ‚Äės after the end of the presentations (ca. 22:00).

The TOCA ME design conference is an important venue of the Munich CreativeBusiness Week (MCBW) taking place from 22th February till 2nd March 2014. TOCA ME design conference is funded by bayern design and the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology. The event is also supported by Eventw√ľrze and Designerdock.

Organizer of the Design Conference is the Munich-based design studio TOCA ME, which operates in the fields of print, web and event design for the last 10 years. By means of the Design Conference TOCA ME has always strived to create a common communication platform for national and international designers. It has been TOCA ME aims to create with the Design Conference for national and international designers will share a common communications platform.

More Information and Tickets: &

TOCA ME 2014 Artists:

BROSMIND, barcelona  →
GMUNK, san francisco ‚Üí
HELLICAR & LEWIS, london  →
EIKE K√ĖNIG,¬† berlin¬† ‚Üí
BRENDAN DAWES, manchester ‚Üí

push.conference is back for a unique blend of innovative interaction and user experience!

For the second time, Munich will be all about the combination of interface design and innovative experiences. push.conference unites interaction designers, creative coders and UX professionals to shape the future of our field. On October 25. & 26. 2013, designers and creative coders are invited for a unique two-day event for the interactive professional field, uniting the established UX/ UI scene with the potential and skillset of a new generation of creative coders, interaction designers and technologists.

different approaches – one common goal
The interactive field is evolving rapidly, with different specializations emerging. The key to creating the perfect user experiences for our time certainly lies in bringing together designers and developers of outstanding user interfaces with creative coders and designers experimenting with innovative technologies.

connect, learn and get inspired!
Bringing all this together, push.conference gives a unique exhaustive view on the interactive field. In the heart of Munich, you will not only get inspired by the great minds on stage, but just as important get in touch with professionals of connected fields, meet agencies looking for talents or maybe find your next team members yourself.

Some last regular Tickets are still available before Late Birds kick in. DESIGNERDOCK readers have the chance to get their ticket exclusively at the EarlyBirds rate again (saves 50‚ā¨!) until October 11th with the voucher code 1YGEP0NUMD. The tickets get you access to 2 days, 10 great headliners plus 8 inspiring lightning talks, an interactive exhibition and snacks an drinks on both days.

Key Facts
date: October 25. & 26th
location: Alte Kongresshalle, Munich, Germany

Beauty ‚Äď an Unspoken Secret of Success?

facebook/ StreetArt in Germany

HIM: what a great guy! In the best years of his life, good looking and fragrant, charming, funny, top-fit – relying not just on his proven competence in the make or break negotiations. And HER: perfectly styled, made-up, clever and beautiful – strutting from one conference to the next, in heels as high as the demands of her job. Welcome to the professional world of the new generation. A world where the third eye not only partakes of the after-work buffet but has a major influence every day on whether, to what extent and especially who progresses up the career ladder. Right?


Preferably beautiful and clever than really stupid:
Sonja Bischof, professor of business studies, has been researching the relation between appearance and career in Germany since the 80′s. Her first survey in 1986 found (rather surprisingly) that only 6% of the managers questioned were of the opinion that appearance played an important role in launching a career. This contrasts with 32% in her fifth survey in 2008, with an even higher 36% amongst women. And today? ‚ÄúNo other success factor has become so important to such a degree as appearance. We are now living in a world of images‚ÄĚ says the researcher.

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Brand Spaces: Architecture Branded Architecture & the Future of Retail Design

Cutting-edge concepts for communicating brands via architecture, trade show presentations, shops, and interior design.

About This Book
Brands are always hungry for new communication ideas. With unique spatial experiences‚ÄĒquirky events, experimental showrooms, radical pop-up shops, and stunning flagship stores‚ÄĒthey are reaching out to their most sophisticated audiences.

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Bye bye 12 ‚Äď Hello 13

Welcome to the New Year – with the notorious “13″ at it’s end. No other number creates the attention and – perhaps just subconsciously for most – anxiety which this prime number does. But if 2012 was supposed to be the end of the world, it can only get better in 2013. And that’s our plan as well – to help all our Designerdock-Friends to have a successful 2013. For example, but finding even better jobs for as many of you as we can.

From “a” for Art Director through “P” for Project Manager Interactive all the way to “Z” for Zeitgeist-Oriented UX-Concept Professional. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Only 3 more nights untill New Year? We quietly say…

Christmas √° la eCard

DESIGNERDOCK sends its regards.
There are so many good reasons to send your christmas wishes to friends, partners and colleagues. And with our new Christmas eCard it has never been easier or more fun.

Already feeling like Christmas?
Simply click on LINK, choose your favourite icons and resize and color them, add a few words of greeting and the recipient’s email address and off it goes! We hope you enjoy using it.

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“Blue Card” Out. Foreigners In.

The leaders of the ruling coalition are in agreement in at least one things since November last year: Germany needs more qualified workers from abroad. And preferably immediately or sooner. Never has the demand been so much higher than the supply in the current German labor market. The solution: a so-called “blue card”, which is not only supposed to alleviate the growing deficit of qualified workers, but also to simplify the process for highly skilled foreigners to work in Germany:

Show me your “blue card” and you are welcome!
The new “blue card” for highly skilled foreign nationals is an entry, residency and work permit all in one. Those who have a university degree and a work contract with an annual salary of at least ‚ā¨44 000 can now enter Germany to work and, after 2 years and with good German language skills and a current job contract – permanent residency. For engineers and doctors of the lower salarly limit is only ‚ā¨34 900 to get the blue card. Those who will earn more than ‚ā¨48 000 a year are eligible for an indefinite work permit but could lose it if they claim benefits in Germany within the first three years residency

The case for the Blue Card:

- Between 2000 – 2004 some 18 000 experts in the information-technology industry moved from from non-EU States to Germany – unfortunately too few.

- Between 2005 – 2009 is the number of highly-skilled immigrants rose – but still not sufficiently (in 2009 there were a total of about 16 000)

- By 2025, according to the Federal Employment Agency, some 6.5 million professionals will be needed and at least 2 million of them will have to migrate to Germany.

- Approximately 3 500 new Blue Cards will, according to the federal government, be issued soon.

- After gaining a degree from a German university foreign graduates will now have 18 instead of the current 12 months to find a suitable job

- Foreign “Blue Card” professionals with a university degree and enough money to live can spend up to 6 months looking for a job in Germany.

The case against:

- “The wrong type of welcome signal” (German Chamber of Industry and Commerce DIHK)

- “The interests of the individual ‚Ķ won’t be satisfied ‚Ķ with this new law” (The Left)

- “Instead of lowering the bar for an indefinite residency permit for highly qualified workers, legally impermissible rules for the settlement of those professionals are being tested.

Our conclusion:
The Federal Government’s new rules to reduce skills-shortages in Germany are designed in particular for foreign experts such as scientists, mathematicians, engineers, doctors and IT professionals. Nevertheless, we see in the new “Blue Card” in a positive light. Because, according to recent studies including our own here at designerdock, highly trained creative personnel are also in short supply. Namely online experts in the digital communication industries.

But the biggest advantage is, in our opinion, the dissolution of rigid structures which will provide more room for inspiration and dialog. And thus more room for creativity too!

Your thoughts:
It seems that those who are good at what they do are always in demand and welcome everywhere. Especially at a time when the clock is ticking to the rhythm of the future. What do you think about the new “blue card”? Let us know your thoughts, opinions or concerns.

Our sources:

Migration Info

    Cause and Effect – Visualizing Sustainability

    Sustainability is one of the world’s hottest topics, but the way it is visualized and communicated is often outdated. Cause and Effect now reveals a contemporary visual language for sustainability. The book showcases a wide range of original and relevant design approaches that raise awareness for a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

    The international examples of campaigns, posters, brochures, digital media, interventions, and guerilla marketing featured in Cause and Effect inspire us and challenge us. They clearly describe far-reaching correlations and complex technical processes. They explain and motivate. Together they serve as an unparalleled presentation of the most significant, intelligent, and entertaining communication measures and proposed solutions for sustainability today.

    We want you to get one! You have the opportunity to take part in our prize draw in which we are giving away two copies of this amazing book.
    Please let us know in a comment which brand did impress you with a sustainability campaign.